Workshop - More Strategies for Staying Well

This workshop follows on from the Staying Well workshop. In these difficult days you can get worn down by the isolation, the setbacks and the uncertainty. If you want to stay well and get things done, don’t leave it to chance. You need to look after yourself. And you need some strategies for getting things done.

In this interactive on-line workshop we’ll discuss:

  • Saying NO
  • Thinking strategies
  • The imposter syndrome and self-doubts
  • Supporting yourself
  • Dealing with guilt
  • Coping with setbacks
  • Mindsets
  • Actions you can take

Who is it for?

Academics, researchers and research students who want to stay well during their research career.


2 hours with a 10 minute break in the middle.


The companion book to this workshop is 52 Ways to Stay Well: During your PhD, Postdoc or research career