52 Ways to Stay Well: During your PhD, post-doc or research career

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Being a researcher can be the best job in the world. You get to follow your passions. You have the luxury of exploring areas you’re interested in. You can satisfy your curiosity. You hang around with brilliant people and have stimulating conversations about things that matter to you. You have a great deal of freedom about how you organise your work and your days. You might even make a difference in the world. Most researchers I meet love doing research.

But research is also challenging. Despite all its attractions, the reality is that many researchers get worn down by the system, the setbacks and the challenges. So if you want to stay well, don’t leave it to chance. You need to look after yourself.

There are many things in research that are out of your control, e.g. the funding model, the review process, limited positions. This book looks at some of the things that might be in your control. Over the past thirty years, I've worked with thousands of researchers across the world, and what you’ll read here is based on a selection of strategies that people have used to stay well during their PhD, post-doc or research career. There are, of course, many others. These are just 52. One for each week of the year.

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