Workshop - Hospital Essentials

The workshop takes a proactive, preventative approach and delivers a tailored, evidence-based, high-impact intervention that aims to improve the ways that participants deal with the difficulties faced in the hospital environment, their sense of control and ability to prioritise. It incorporates ThinkWell’s unique and highly skilled use of cognitive behavioural coaching to achieve measurable long term change.

This workshop is often combined with email coaching and our Personal Feedback Questionnaire™. The questionnaire provides participants with objective feedback about their stress levels, work-related morale and satisfaction with work life. These are all factors that have been shown to influence wellbeing, happiness and sustainability.

The workshop provides practical information and skills in relation to:

  • identifying stressors in the hospital environment
  • understanding what you can and can’t control: the system, the staff, the patients, yourself
  • dealing with uncertainty and stress
  • prioritising
  • switching off when not at work

Who is it for?

Doctors working in a hospital environment, medical students or registrars on placement in a hospital environment.


2½ to 3 hours.


Our use of cognitive behavioural coaching with doctors has been rigorously evaluated for measurable outcomes in sustained improvements in wellbeing. See Physician you can heal yourself! Cognitive behavioural training reduces stress in GPs for more information.