Good Feedback: Asking for it; getting it; and responding to it

Many graduate students cite getting and dealing with feedback from their supervisors as one of the most frustrating areas of candidature. You can wait for ages and when it comes it’s not what you wanted. Feedback is essential to help you make progress and improve the quality of you outputs. But if you just say “give me feedback” you are leaving it completely up to chance. So what can you do to ensure you get the feedback you need?

This workshop will look at asking more specific questions and being clear about the type of feedback you want. It will cover:

  • create your big picture thesis plan
  • when to get feedback
  • how to ask
  • getting timely feedback
  • feedback on writing, feedback on performance, on everything
  • written and verbal feedback
  • interpreting feedback
  • dealing with the emotional reaction to feedback
  • how to respond to feedback
  • how do you manage the feedback you didn’t want?


2 hours


Any research student