3MT Masterclass

You may have given other presentations about your research, perhaps a confirmation seminar, a mid-candidature review, or maybe even some conference presentations. The 3MT is very different from these. In fact many of the things you learned for these presentations you need to unlearn for 3MT.

This masterclass provides the opportunity for a small number of participants to prepare intensively for the 3MT competition. Participants will examine some winning presentations, become clear about the judging criteria and work on their own presentations. Each participant will receive individual feedback and suggestions for developing their own practice plan.

The masterclass is limited to 8 participants so that each person has the opportunity to make a presentation and receive feedback. The workshop includes a set of tools you can use to help you prepare for the 3MT. Each participant will receive a complimentary copy of the ebook Preparing for the 3MT – Everything you need to know.

Who is it for?

A maximum of 8 research students who have committed to participating in the 3MT competition. Ideally they will have done some preparation on their presentation beforehand to make maximum use of the masterclass.


3 hours