Services - The PhD Challenge

This program draws on an outdoor learning/problem solving approach. A series of activities (eg a treasure hunt, solving problems/puzzles, a blindfold walk and others) have been developed to represent parts of the PhD journey. Course participants are allocated into teams of 5-6 and they undertake the various challenges. Following each activity there is a full debrief that relates to the PhD experience.

This program appeals to a group of people who learn best from doing as opposed to listening. It is a chance to get involved in and learn from focussed activities and learn some of the skills of working in a team.

Participants will get the opportunity to learn how to:

  • Problem-solve difficult situations
  • Ask for and accept support
  • Deal with feedback
  • Deal with frustrations and set-backs
  • Work co-operatively in a team

Who is it for

PhD candidates in the first or second year of their candidature.


3½ hours for about 25 participants.