Workshop - Giving good feedback

Many graduate students cite getting and dealing with feedback from their supervisors as one of the most frustrating areas of candidature. Feedback is essential to help the student make progress in their and improve the quality of their outputs. So what can you, as a supervisor, do to ensure they get the feedback they need?

This workshop is for any research supervisor. It covers:

  • The benefits of positive feedback
  • The different types of feedback
  • Varying your type of feedback depending on the candidate's stage
  • Formats: hard copy, track changes, audio, face to face
  • How to provide criticism without crushing the recipient
  • Turnaround time: How long is too long for response time
  • A few pages or a whole chapter
  • When the writing/grammar/expression is bad
  • When they don't listen to your feedback


2 hours


Any research supervisor