Workshop - Developing a Research Track Record on a Shoe String

Academics and researchers are constantly being told to increase their research outputs if they want to get promoted, funded or even keep their jobs! But it becomes a catch 22 when you can’t do much research because you have no money, but no one will give you money because you haven’t done enough research. Despite this situation there are ways to build a research track record that require less money and can give you the start you need to build a decent track record (or even just to keep your head above water!).

In this workshop you will learn how to create research outputs that don’t cost much money including:

  • Finding small pots of money and PUBLISHING
  • Working with research higher degree and other students and PUBLISHING
  • Working with others and PUBLISHING
  • Creating 2 for 1 deals and PUBLISHING

Who is it for

Academics, researchers, early career researchers. Not as suitable for those who have already established a good research track record


2 - 3 hours

Maximum numbers