• Online coaching program: Turbocharge Your Writing

Online coaching program: Turbocharge Your Writing

  • $99.95
  • $49.95

Special introductory price: $49.95 (usually $99.95)

This online coaching program will help you to write more in 12 weeks than in the past 12 months. Just like our popular workshop, this program is about how to produce the highest quality writing in the shortest amount of time. It is about the psychology of writing (rather than the nuts and bolts of writing).

Thousands of people have attended the workshop across Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe and USA. Quite frankly we can’t keep up with the demand so we developed this online version. It works whether you have been to the workshop or not. If you have been to a Turbocharge your Writing workshop this will keep you on track as you implement the tried and tested strategies (sadly just having good intentions after the workshop is not enough!). If you have never been to the workshop, the program will introduce you to the content and then step you through what you need to know to increase your writing quality and quantity.

You will receive weekly emails with content, as well as access to our suite of interactive tools to help you boost your writing productivity.

The 12 weekly topics covered are:

  1. Snack writing
  2. What is writing?
  3. Make it regular and count it
  4. Getting off to a good start when you write
  5. Writing myths
  6. Narrative versus content
  7. The secret to motivation
  8. But what if it's not good enough?
  9. Get some feedback
  10. Dealing with feedback
  11. Priorities
  12. Tim Tams

The interactive tools you will gain access to as you progress through the program are:

  • The next thing tool
  • Snack writing scheduler
  • Writing audit
  • Feedback scheduler
  • Writing prioritisation tool
  • Cognitive behavioural coaching tool
  • Help me tool - with extra content

If after you have had a go, this online coaching program is not increasing your writing productivity, email us and we will give you a refund. We have much confidence in this program!