Bulk book orders

For bulk book orders (30 or more), contact us by emailing books@ithinkwell.com.au.

Prices for hard-copy books are as follows:

Book Bulk price (30 or more)
Defeating Self-Sabotage: Getting your PhD finished $8.00 each
PhD Book Set $44.00 each
Planning Your PhD: All the tools and advice you need to finish your PhD in three years $19.00 each
The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Research Students $11.00 each
Supervising PhD Students: A practical guide and toolkit $23.00 each
The Imposter Syndrome: Why successful people often feel like frauds $19.00 each
Time for Research: Time management for academics, researchers and PhD students $14.00 each
Turbocharge Your Writing: How to become a prolific academic writer $14.00 each
The Ultimate Time Management Guide for GPs (and in fact anyone in general practice) $26.00 each

Prices include GST. Postage not included - contact us for a quote.