• Defeating Self-Sabotage: Getting your PhD finished

Defeating Self-Sabotage: Getting your PhD finished

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Procrastination, perfectionism, over-committing. Sound familiar? Learn how to identify your own patterns, find out what might be behind them, and work out what you can do to tackle them so that you can get your thesis finished.

Table of contents:
  • The secret life of the PhD student
  • What is self-sabotage?
  • The down side of self-sabotage
  • Defeating self-sabotage
  • Over-committing: it's enough already
  • Procrastination: I'll start when I feel like it
  • Perfectionism / writer's block: It's not a Nobel prize (sadly!)
  • The ultimate defeating SELF-SABotage tool
  • 20 excellent excuses for not starting work on your PhD

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