What is ThinkWell?

ThinkWell™ uses the latest psychological and educational research to develop workshops and materials to assist high performers to achieve maximum productivity.

We work extensively with researchers, academics, PhD students, doctors  and many other high performers to assist them to:
  • manage their time more effectively and perform better
  • set goals and achieve them - such as increasing publication output or PhD completions
  • work better in teams and groups such as research groups and collaborations
  • understand the attributes and behaviours of high performers
  • reduce stress associated with the demands and responsibilities of a high performing career
  • achieve sustainability in their career
  • learn how to evaluate and deal with emotions
  • feel more content and confident
  • spend more time with their family and those who matter

University Events 2014


9/2, 17/3, 18/3,  Central Queensland University
16/2, 17/2 Southern Cross University
18/2, 19/2 University of Queensand
18/3, 19/3, 4/8 Australian National University
19/3, 20/3, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8 University of Canberra
27/3, 28/4, 1/5, 7/5, 11/5,  University of South Australia
13/7, 14/7, 15/7, 16/7, 17/7 James Cook University
16/11, 17/11, 18/11, 19/11, 20/11 James Cook University
15/7, 24/7, 20/8, 22/9,6/11 University of South Australia
14/4, 15/4, 16/4, 21/7, 22/7, 23/7 University of Newcastle
15/9, 16/9, 16/9, 17/9 University of Newcastle
22/5, 23/5, 9/9, 10/9, 11/9 Monash University
1/6, 2/6, 3/6, 4/6, 6/10, 7/10, 11/10   Charles Darwin University
TBC Flinders University
TBC Griffith University
TBC Murdoch University
TBC LaTrobe University
TBC Bond University
12/1 13/1  Biocity, Turku, Finland
15/1, 16/1 Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, Madrid, Spain
19/1, 20/1, 21/1, 22/1 University Collge Dublin, Ireland
23/1 Dublin City University, Ireland
26/1 University College London, England
27/1 Swansea University, Wales
28/1 Cardiff University, Wales
29/1, 30/1 University of Bristol, England
2/2 University College Galway
3/2, 4/2 University of Limerick
3/2 Mary Immaculate College, Limerick
5,6/2 University College Cork, Ireland
9,10/2 University of Manchester, England
11/2 Bath University, England
12/2 Cardiff University, Wales
13/2 University of Northampton, England
3/3, 4/3, 5/5, 6/5, 25/8,  Victoria University of Wellington
14/4 University College Davis, USA
16/4 Stanford University, USA
17/4 Berkeley University, USA
27/4, 28/4 Oregon State University, USA
30/4 UCLA, USA
26/8, 24/11, 25/11 Victoria University of Wellington


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Latest news

The Imposter Syndrome
April 2015

Ever felt like a fraud? That sometime soon they are going to realise you're not as good as they think you are? This new book draws on the best research in psychology to explain where these feelings come from and how to deal with them.

New website
January 2015

We have just launched our new bookshop which has more functionality including the ability to create an account (to view past orders including ebook downloads) and subscribe to our newsletter. Please let us know if you have any issues as despite our best efforts, there is sure to be a bug or two.  …

New program for 2015 coming
August 2014

We are currently talking to many universities about our 2015 program. Dates will be put on the website as they become available
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Nature papers

We recently had three commentaries published in Nature. Access them here:



ThinkWell™ has put together a series of books to assist a range of professions and positions, including doctors, academics, PhD students, CEOs and many other occupational groups.

These books are available via our online bookshop.


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